Monday, January 5, 2009

Earth Signs---Are you feeling the energy yet?

Back in the first week of November I posted HERE that in the next couple of months, Taurus and Virgo should start to feel a positive wave of energy come their way. In particular those who are born the first few days of the signs. Of course, when I wrote that piece we were still in the heady Post Election days and many of us were gearing up for the holidays and I would guess a lot of Virgos/Taurus sun signs didn't even have time to consider Pluto's opportunities in Cap. Anyway, I thought now at the beginning of the year it would be nice to give those Virgos and Taurus a chance to get their head around what is coming and perhaps since Pluto has already made it to 1 degree of Cap they have started to feel and even see some new positive results. Of course, Pluto can clear out stuff before the good arrives so there might be what appears to be a tiny stumble, but hang in there. As my friend used to say---"there has got to be a pony under all that shit." She had Sag rising so you know she had a mouth on her. But the point is that there is good going on. You just have to be a bit patient and it will show up.

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