Sunday, July 29, 2012

The week ahead

I dunno, I sort of liked the photo.   No real meaning behind it.

We begin the week with Gibbous Moon.

Focus on:    What are you neglecting that speaks to your education? Have you missed the ability to bridge people, places, ideas?  Where would something ‘foreign” help you as you process your feelings and emotions?

7/31: Sun/Uranus:  Changes are imminent when the life force is calling you.  What breakthroughs are talking to you?

7/31: Venus/Saturn: Accent on relationships that work and the working part of relationships.   Read that twice. 

 The Moon is Full August 1, 11:27pm EDT. 
10 Aquarius 15

Focus on:    What do your friends tell us about ourselves and our family?   What does it mean to hang out with like-minded people?   Are they more like family than perhaps real family?  How do we use our cool intellect to help support our emotions and feelings?  How would cool intellect support our position in family?

8/2: Sun/Jupiter: Creative, dynamic, moving out there in the world and not playing small.

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