Monday, July 30, 2012

Ray Merriman

I was curious to see what Ray Merriman had to say about August in particular Mars on Saturn. 

Mercury continues retrograde through August 8 as discussed at length in last week’s column. But for this coming week there are a slew of soft, harmonious aspects which are usually favorable in this type of market climate. However, there is also a full moon (Leo Sun, Aquarius Moon) August 2, and that can disrupt the evenness of this current rally.

Our sights are set more on the following two weeks, especially August 10-20 when Mars will conjunct Saturn (the astrological peak of the drought) in a point that is critical to the chart of the New York Stock Exchange (founded May 17, 1792). Mars will be at 22-27 degrees of Libra then. In the NYSE chart, Jupiter and Neptune are at 22-27 of Libra, and Saturn is in opposition at 26 degrees of Aries. This could be explosive, both in a mundane sense (for it pertains to military conflict and vehement disagreements) and financial markets. At its best, it is a time that can be favorable for organizing one’s life and getting a lot accomplished, if you are focused.

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