Saturday, July 21, 2012


The news out of Colorado yesterday was heartbreaking sad.   It was so sad that I took myself to the pool to swim it off of me.    I don't really feel like going into the astrology of the event much above stating the obvious about Mars Square Pluto Oppose Uranus.  Our attention was certainly focused now it is our hearts that have to do the work.  Luckily we have Cancer lunar cycle to help us.  


  1. Shooter has Mars/Pluto conjunct in Scorpio, now being squared by current Merc Retro. Also, natal Sun/Saturn/Uranus in Sag within 5 degrees opposing Chiron in Gemini, possibly t-square to Virgo Moon. Also, Venus in Cap square Jupiter in Aries. This is one disturbed individual.

    12/13/87 Sand Diego CA

  2. I wondered about Mars&Pluto with his chart.
    I am always keeping my eye out for them given my son and all his summer of 2001 peers have the same conjunction in Sag rather than Scorpio. As we all know that conjunction coupled with the saturn opposition was part of the religous war were all worried about that came at the end of September .... 9/11/01. sigh.

    For sport I refreshed myself on 1987....
    Take a look, very interesting.

    All that angst in one human. Sigh.