Thursday, July 12, 2012

Uranus Retrograde (More to read)

I already have discussed Uranus retrograde this week plus earlier in the month on the New Moon report. 
I really feel compelled to give you a bit more data... having looked around I like what ElsaElsa has to say.

Here is a snippet go to LINK for full report.

Uranus turns retrograde in Aries just after midnight (US) on July 13th. The planet opposes Mars in detriment (Libra) which is not a desirable situation. Textbook astrology tells us that when Mars and Uranus combine, people become accident-prone. This is because they act on impulse and are inclined to take a risk.
This can be a simple as trying to beat a red light or make an attempt to dart across lanes in traffic, when you know you shouldn’t. But it can be as unusual as the time I stuck my finger into a moving blender (Mars / metal) to check the consistency of contents which resulted in shredding my fingertip and tiny specks of blood (Mars) on the ceiling, the floor and all four walls of my kitchen which shocked me (Uranus).

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