Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Week Ahead

Our week starts out with a big ol' move by Mars.  Since last fall we have been dealing with Mars in snarky Virgo.  Oh, lordy what a tooth drill that has been for all of us.   Finding a big vision and moving on it has been a  difficult task for Mars while he has been in micromanaging Virgo.   Virgo is incapable of seeing  the forest from the trees and Mars the warrior has been pissed off royaly at anyone talking about the big picture.

Now he is finally free to move off micromanaging and deal with relationships.  Wait? Is that a good thing?  It might get a little bumpy in the first couple of weeks but by the time it leaves Libra in the end of August we'll be ready for Scorpio.   Listen anything is better than eight months of Mars in one sign!

7/3: Mars enters Libra  Hurray?

Later in the day on 7/3 we get our full moon (see previous post). 

7/4: Mercury/Uranus : Creative, dynamic, brilliant solutions and new ideas.
7/4: Venus/Uranus : creativity about values and resources
 7/7: Disseminating Moon.  
Focus on:      What information are you sharing that speaks to your spirituality?  Who is sharing their own spirituality practice with you and what can you learn?  What does the power of prayer mean to you?  How have you allowed spirit to speak to you?  

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  1. My astrology sign is Virgo. OMG! Thank you so much for this update.