Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cancer New Moon

Cancer New Moon is July 19 (super early in the morning Eastern Time) or late July 18 the other time zones.   

As always the entire article can be found on MargaretWendt sight.  Here is a snippet but go to link for full article.  It is going to be highly emotional cycle...but you probably already knew that didn't you?


New Moon Phase

July 19, 12:24 am EDT

26 Cancer 54


The Cancer lunar cycle is upon us.  Hurray!  Why do I say that?  Because the last 56 days has been nothing but intellectual Gemini lunar cycles.  They are great to get our brain on track and when we get our head screwed in correctly it can help us plan our next adventures.  But seriously, it is nice to stop thinking everything over and over and instead, just simply let things flow.  And as the first water sign of the zodiac, Cancer is all about flowing. 

Do you feel parched?   Does your brain just want to quiet down and let the feelings and intuition do the talking?  I see you nodding your head.   And to that, I say, “Me, too.”

Water is special, don’t take it for granted.  More wars have been fought over water than oil or whiskey.    Water is what makes Earth different, it is the only planet in our solar system to have it.  Earth is covered 80 percent by oceans, seas, lakes and rivers.    And what happens to those waters every day?  They are pulled by tidal surges.   Up they go and down they go, but the up waves do not judge the down drafts. They know that you can’t have one without the other.    They just have to go with the flow.

Cancer the crab uses the waves to his advantage.  When the waves are big he dives down and nestles himself in a rock and hides in his shell.  Of course, not one to let an opportunity go by, if a fish happens to float near him, he will stick out his big claw and grab dinner.    And then when the tides pull back the crab will poke out of the water and scamper on the shore finding all kinds of treats to his liking.  Again, he knows how to go with the flow and always uses it to his advantage.    

For 28 days we need to be like the crab, make the most of our opportunities.  If we are in a retreat position then really retreat.  Relax, hide, pull the curtains and get lost on our laptops, or watch sentimental old movies on TV.   In the northern hemisphere we need to block out the harsh summer light with thick curtains. In the southern hemisphere we hide under a cozy blanket with a roaring fire nearby.      We need to use quiet time to recharge.  

Then when the tide pulls you out in the world, BE in the world.  Don’t phone it in.  Really show up and have all your senses turned on.   That does not mean you have to move head strong and act on all of them because remember the crab never runs straight forward.   The crab runs side to side.   So, for example, you leave a conversation with a friend and have a funny feeling about it.  Perhaps later when you are in a retreat mode you go back to that conversation and mull it over but like the crab not say directly what is on your mind, instead you poke near it, moving to the side until more data surfaces.   Then perhaps you may say something.  Or not.  It all depends on the flow.

The other aspect of Cancer is emotions.   Feelings are feelings, that thing you may not be able to put your finger on but emotions are strong ----go to link for the rest of article.


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