Monday, July 30, 2012

Hello, Friends

I'm hoping the approaching Full Moon in Aquarius will pull on a bunch of you to help me with my donations for Tammy Duckworth. 

You know I don't normally bug you like this but I do need your help. 

To remind you:

In the first week of July,  8th District of Ill. Rep. Joe Walsh (NOT the guy from The Eagles)   said pretty pathetic things about Tammy Duckworth his opponent an Iraqi War Veteran who is a double amputee. 

Since I am interesting in mundane astrologer (news stuff of the world)  I thought back then when his absolutely unconscionable comments were flying through TV sets and cyber space at light speed, I thought I would put up a comment or two. But what happened as I poked around I got really mad. 

Google his name and Tammy's and you'll find all the links you need to be informed.
My own Moon in Cancer rose up, like a mother crab out of the ocean. How many jokers like him will be in office 8 years from now when my son casts his first vote? I didn't care I didn't live in the 8th District in Illinois. Congress belongs to ALL Americans and I am going to do something to help Tammy Duckworth.

I have started a modest campaign on indiegogo.  Which you can find HERE.   

PLEASE contribute to my little campaign. I don't have a tip jar on this blog, it is my pleasure to offer up my astro insights gratis. But if you could send a few dollars to this campaign and repost it on your face book page and send emails I would be grateful.   

My campaign ends on August 24th.  We currently are at 25 days left and we have $252.  The goal is $500.   If 25 people will donate $10 we will reach the goal. The money will be given to support Tammy Duckworth's congressional campaign.

And more importantly it will send a message to Joe and his ilk  that "enough is enough".
Thank you

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