Sunday, July 8, 2012

Support Tammy Duckworth! Enough is Enough

As followers of this blog know, I weigh in on topical stories with an astrological point of view.  World events, celebrity nonensense, economies, weather and politics just to name a view.  

And at the end of last week after I watched the various clips of Rep. Walsh from the 8th District of Illinois say the pretty pathetic things he said about Tammy Duckworth his opponent an Iraqi War Veteran who is a double amputee, I THOUGHT I would probably bring up his chart and have a comment or two...but then something happened....something grew in me the more I read about him.    I didn't care he was a cheap Capricorn who didn't pay child support or he had moon in myopic Virgo and a Mars conjunct Sun and Venus (Cap) which god only knows is trouble for women.  And I think we all got a taste of it when we saw his interview with Ashleigh Banfield.     Lord,  I just had enough. 

Google his name and Tammy's and you'll find all the links you need to be informed
My own Moon in Cancer rose up, like a mother crab out of the ocean.   How many jokers like him will be in office 8 years from now when my son casts his first vote?    I didn't care I didn't live in the 8th District in Illinois.  Congress belongs to ALL Americans and I am going to do something to help Tammy Duckworth.  

I have started a campaign on indiegogo.   
PLEASE contribute to my little campaign.  I don't have a tip jar on this blog, it is my pleasure to offer up my astro insights gratis.  But if you could send a few dollars to this campaign and repost it on your face book page and send emails I would be grateful.   

HERE is the link to my Indiegogo campaign.  I have a modest goal of $500.  I hope I can get 50 people to donate $10.   My Aries Rising would be so grateful if we could send a message to the world that this type of nonsense must stop.  Thank you.   TracyC

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