Saturday, July 21, 2012

The week ahead

On Sunday the 22nd, we move into a Crescent moon. 

Focus on:   What details are coming up and what are they telling you?  How do the details address your family as a whole?   What do the details tell you about your emotions and your feelings?   Have you neglected anything and how does it speak to your family/emotions/feelings?  What data are you hearing?

also on 7/22:

7/22: Mercury/Mars:  Fiery, fun, great communication.  Sparks ignite actions.

7/22: Sun enters Leo.   Make adjustments so your Leo friend feels special this year. They will give you hints.

7/24: Mercury/Jupiter: Big thoughts, big connects that inspire.   “Foreign” efforts help. 

7/25: Mercury/Uranus.  Yesterday’s big thoughts create big changes todays.  Thoughts & Breakthroughs.

 The first quarter Moon is on 7/26:

Focus on:   What actions are you taking that speak to death and rebirth?  What feelings are you releasing so you can find real empowerment?   How are releasing your family so you can find real empowerment?  What actions are you taking speak to your investments and loans?

And on 7/28: Sun/Mercury: What did you almost forget that speaks about your self-esteem? 

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