Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2013: Lara Owen's take...super smart

I had the pleasure today of going to Lara Owen's astro blog.  Wow.  What a smart cookie.  She has written one of the more compelling, thoughtful overview pieces I have read for 2013.    She has weaved a lot of data but not overwhelmingly so.   A really good read even for people who don't know much about astrology will appreciate the information.    I have not posted the full article.  You will have to go the link for the full article.   Well worth the click!  

Astrology of 2013

2013: The Year of Water
2013 is another extraordinary year astrologically with an unusual amount of planets at the same degrees, meaning lots of activity all year, with some periods that are particularly potent.
In a nutshell this is a year of yet more profound change, now accompanied by a greater level of emotion. We can reasonably hope for a more mature response to change, for some emotional integration of the changes wrought so far, and for a developing capacity for compassion, especially for those suffering directly from the seismic shifts and political turmoil occurring in so many areas of the planet.
We still have the ongoing Uranus Pluto square creating stress and transformation in all kinds of ways, this year occurring at 9 – 11 degrees of Aries/Capricorn.
In addition, Saturn and Chiron, and on occasion Jupiter and Mars, also arrive at 9 – 11 degrees of their respective signs. This combination forms various patterns throughout the year, most affecting charts with 8 – 12 degrees prominently featured, which includes those people, businesses and countries with birthdays around the first of the month.
With many countries and institutions inaugurated on January 1, this indicates a high level of global upheaval. In addition, this change is further stimulated by the New Moons of October through December, which all happen at 10 – 12 degrees of the relevant signs, including the Total Solar Eclipse of November 3.
2013 is characterized by an unusual amount of activity in the water signs, indicating yet more watery natural disasters, a higher level of emotion and a need to focus on our capacities for compassion, empathy and intuition.
The Main Astrological Patterns of 2013
The Uranus Pluto Square
This year our cosmic friend the Uranus Pluto square makes the third and fourth passes (of a total of seven between 2012 and 2015). The aspect is in effect all year but strongest around the periods of exactitude: May 20 2013 at 11 degrees 14 (UR direct, PL retro) and November 1 2013 at 9 degrees 26 (UR retro, PL direct).
In brief, the Uranus Pluto aspect signifies profound social change, and out of this arises great creativity (think the Renaissance, 1930’s and 1960’s). Here’s the link to a previous piece I wrote about this aspect.
The Yod
A Yod is an aspect that forms when one planet is inconjunct (150 degrees of separation) two others who are sextile to each other (30 degrees). In March 2013 we get a rare yod involving Saturn in Scorpio, Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Gemini all at 10/11 degrees (this also occurred December 2012 at 8 degrees). This is not easy to interpret but with these planets involved the pattern gives a sense of a cosmic reordering that allows some kind of long overdue justice to take place, maybe as an apparent result of a terrible suffering. Astrologically the yod is a symbol of fated opportunity, so if you are offered a lifeline or a lucky break, take it. If you saw the first glimpse of this in December 2012, it may well become stabilized and actualized in late March or April.
Intensified Yod
In April 2013 Uranus arrives at 9 degrees Aries to join the Yod group, turning it now into a rectangle with one side shorter than the opposite side. Apparently this is called an isosceles trapezoid (thanks to astrologer Bill Herbst for this mathematical nugget). Jupiter is fast moving out of the picture, speeding along in the mid degrees of Gemini, so the moment is fleeting, but potentially of interest in terms of the spiritual changes and openings possible when the pressure cooker heats up. Watch March 30 when Jupiter and Pluto are exactly inconjunct at 11:31 Gemini and Capricorn. On April 13, Saturn and Uranus are exactly inconjunct at 9:20 degrees, both in the Mars ruled signs of Scorpio and Aries respectively. Any tension that weekend will benefit from creative direction, generosity, dancing/exercise, and thinking on one’s feet, favored by an energetic and sexy Sun Venus Mars conjunction in late Aries.
Water Grand Trine
On June 27 Jupiter enters Cancer (where it will stay until July 17 2014) and almost immediately forms a Water Grand Trine with Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio at 5 degrees, exact July 18 and in effect the whole month of July. If you have any planets or angles at 3-7 degrees of water you may well experience a deepening of your emotional life and possibly an increased flow of funds and resources.
Karmic planetary combination in Scorpio
The North Node entered Scorpio in September 2012 followed by Saturn in October (where it stays until December 2014). These are the two big teacher/life lesson points of the natal chart.