Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Week Ahead....

Capricorn New Moon is still in effect for most of Monday.  Crescent does not start until late in the evening east coast time so we still have Monday to plant seeds that will further our goals and visions.  Take note of everything you do and ask, "Is this the pragmatic approach?"  If you are taking a route that is fuzzy or nebulous then stop.  Get practical and go step by step but always remember the big picture.  How do your actions support your big goals?  Do they fit in?

Crescent Moon Phase
January 14
11:27pm EST

Focus on: What information are your receiving that speaks to your mystical side?  What are you hearing that supports your faith?  What is your intuition telling you?  What is the value of fantasy?  What do your dreams tell you?

Special Focus:

1/16: Venus/Pluto: Overhaul finances.  Overhaul love. Overhaul resources.  Feeling impotent.  The caterpillar must die for the butterfly to live.
1/17: Venus/Saturn:  Structure and focus dominates love, finances and creativity.
1/18: Sun/Mercury:  Illumination of executive abilities.  Our inner CEO’s are emerging.

1/19: Sun enters Aquarius.  Take your Aquarian friend some place weird or goofy.  Make a fun day of it.  They will remember it.

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