Thursday, January 24, 2013

Leo Full Moon: January 26 11:38pm EDT

Full Moon: Leo
January 26  11:38pm EST

Late Saturday evening (EST) The Moon will be full at 7 degrees 24 of Leo. 

Here we are in the middle of the Capricorn Lunar cycle with the Sun in Aquarius focused on being productive and no nonsense, while supporting groups, community endeavors and working with like minded others towards joint goals.   And in this period of making executive moves that benefit us personally and for public good, God  has in his infinite wisdom gives us his most selfish moon.   Why?   

Because Leo is brave, Leo is strength and Leo is Regal---Leo is Gold.   Leo is heart and through his heart he can find inspiration and fan the fire.  Leo will help get us where we need to get by utilizing his tremendous strength and unlimited creativity and his secret weapon is endless passion.    Leo is a natural leader.  He can step up and ‘take one for the team’.    People respond to his bravery and want to follow his leadership.  This is why he is THE most perfect moon when he is in dance with Sun in Aquarius.   How can all the visions and desires of Sun in Aquarius be fulfilled without the help of a healthy Leo Moon?   

And when Leo is not reaching for the high bar and is not stretching and motivating others to new heights, then Leo is selfish, Leo exaggerates, Leo creates false fronts and Leo has a big ego.    Together we say to the rank Leo--- “Yuck”. 

On this full moon chart Mercury is influencing the Sun.  There will be a lot of fiery conversations this weekend, it would be great if it is inspired and lofty but in truth it might also feel like rhetoric.   Uranus in Aries is favorable aspect to the Moon and the Sun, which supports breakthroughs.  Unique opportunities will come forward supporting strength, courage and humanity or at the very least support ‘like minded’ individuals working as a team.    By the way, Uranus rules the Internet, computer and social networks.    This energy of Sun/Moon/Uranus is an incubator for creativity, unique thinking, and making big shifts.   Even if one doesn’t actually make moves this weekend, there may be insights, breakthroughs conceived that could later be important.   

And then there is Saturn.    Saturn is a tough taskmaster and can be quite cold and in this full moon he is in rough aspect with the Sun and Moon.   It is difficult to look at this chart and not see some kind of loss.   Or a loss coming into focus.    

Saturn will find weaknesses and point them out.  Even if the Moon in Leo tries to hide the loss and even if Aquarius belligerently stands by his goals, Saturn in Scorpio will ferret out the lies and the deceit.    Perhaps we will all feel like James Bond finding the rat in our spy world.     
Or maybe we just get real about our taxes, debt and any leftover bills from Christmas that still need payment!   
Whatever it is—breathe.  


  1. I read this and it really hits home for me. Hubby (Leo) and I (Taurus) are in the midst of ending a partnership (biz partner Leo/Virgo, the partnership is even Leo) and creating a new business. The tough conversations about the move are happening now and I'm sure over the weekend. It's been a long time coming and we feel no qualms over our decision. Not sure how BP will react though. He is indeed a wildcard. Crossing my fingers but also just ready to go with the flow. I keep hearing Bob Marley in my head. :-)

  2. Oh, good luck, Phoebe. These conversations are never easy but your instincts, I'm sure are right on!