Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Week Ahead

The Full phase which started on Saturday will continue through to Wednesday.  As I indicated in an earlier post this is a bumpy full moon due to the aspect with Saturn.   I thought of the chart when I woke up this morning and saw news that of fire in a nightclub in Brazil killed over 200 people.   The moon will shift to Virgo on Monday evening where it will oppose Neptune and Oppose Mars, normally I don't give all the lunar aspects that take place every day, rather I focus on the 8 lunar phases and the aspects of the other planets. But since the full phase is so bumpy, I think we need to look at some of the lunar aspects for the next couple of days.    Monday is very cranky.  A nervous moon sees red (Mars) and is pissed.   A nervous moon feels out of control (Neptune).    The crank continues through Tuesday with tough square with Jupiter and an irritating aspect with Sun.   But luckily there is an empowering aspect with Pluto by the afternoon (EST) and we will feel something evolve.  Something will shift.  And then we get into a supportive aspect from Saturn.

On Wednesday Jupiter turns direct (see following post).  Not a small event.

And later in the day the Sun squares Saturn.  Confidence is shaken, self esteem is weak, Saturn is a cold muther and it is hard to get off the ground.  However, sometimes we need to feel low to get our mojo---think Scarlett O'Hara's famous scene in Gone With The Wind---"As god as my witness I will never go hungry again!"--

And then after all that---we move out of bumpy full phase and go into Disseminating.

January 30 6:49pm EST
Disseminating Moon Phase

Focus on:  What are you sharing with others that speaks to details?  What are you sharing that ties up lose ends?  How are you sharing diet and hygiene information? Who is a leader, expert who is stepping up and giving you guidance on the small things?   Where are you receiving information that builds upon reaching your goals? 

On Friday, Feb 1st while we are still under Disseminating phase we have two planets change signs.

2/1: Mars enters Pisces

2/1: Venus enters Aquarius

It is going to be an interesting week.  We have a big job ahead of us.  We can do it, given it is a Capricorn Lunar Phase, we need big weeks like this to get our mojo on. 

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