Saturday, January 19, 2013

David Crook's take on Algeria

I would love, love to post David Crook's  recent post in its entirety on the terrorist attack in Algeria because I fear some people might start the article here but not click on the link for the full piece.   But, I don't like to post whole posts without getting permission.

Please read this highly thoughtful, smartly written post by David.  He has a depth and knowledge of astrology in areas that I rarely see other astrologers do as deftly.     Please read and please click the link to Stellar Insights for the whole piece.    --tracy

Algerian Hostage Crisis Ends

"The Algerian army carried out a dramatic final assault to end a siege by Islamist militants at a desert gas plant on Sat. in which 23 hostages were killed, many of them foreigners.

Thirty-two al Qaeda-linked militants were killed in the army operation to recapture the complex. A statement said 107 foreign hostages and 685 Algerian hostages had survived.

Militants seized the remote compound in the Sahara desert before dawn on Wednesday, taking a large number of hostages, including foreigner workers, and booby-trapped the compound with explosives.

The crisis marked a serious escalation of unrest in northwestern Africa, where French forces have been in Mali since last week fighting an Islamist takeover of Timbuktu and other towns.

The gas plant near the town of In Amenas is home to expatriate workers from Britain, Norway, and Japan.

The Islamists' attack has tested Algeria's relations with the outside world, exposed the vulnerability of multinational oil operations in the Sahara and pushed Islamist radicalism in northern Africa to center stage." (Reuters)

The Jan. 11 New Moon with Neptune setting at In Amenas, Algeria, appears to have set the stage for chaos, confusion, and deception. The planet of bewilderment, set only 2 minutes after the New Moon was exact.

The Jan. 16 attack by a Mali-based ....go link for rest.  

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