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Over at Robert Wilkenson's site "Aquarius Papers",  Wilkenson has posted a very interesting article about the tensions that we are all working through during these days, yes, that would be Uranus and Pluto...he has given it a bit of a spin that I find intriguing and inspiring.

I will put up a little bit of the article, Go To LINK for the full read.

Our Larger Reality At the Edge of the Age of Aquarius – Dealing With The Global Weirdness of The Grand Irrationality

by Robert Wilkinson
Today we’ll take a new look at tools we can use to move and groove with the larger atmosphere I have termed "the Grand Irrationality." These are very strange, irrational times we live in. Besides being literally on the edge between Great Ages, we also are learning how to live life without losing our equilibrium while navigating a non-rational atmosphere. So what are some tools we can use to deal with the obsessive, compulsive, hard-edged elements that occasionally pop up?

I last gave you parts of this article about 2 years ago, and have rewritten and updated it for what’s going on in 2013. This weird collective atmosphere I named “the Grand Irrationality” back in 2004 began to creep into collective consciousness in the early 90s, as outlined in the article What is the Grand Irrationality and Why is Everything So Weird?
If you haven’t read it the past 2 weeks, please take a look, since it explains what this period is all about, what energies are there for us to master, and when these energies are most likely to get triggered by generic conditions. I gave you the hot zones, past, present, and future, so you can know if one or more of your planets (inner Lights) is being affected by larger transformational energies.
Besides being somewhat of a constant in the field, times when these energies are triggered for us personally require a concentration and focus on attuning with the Higher Self so that as “destiny comes forth” induced by the choices we make, we are consciously shaping what we want to do and say so that we become part of “the corrective force of Nature Herself.” We all have an inner harmony we can bring to outer circumstances, but we have to know what that is before we can consciously express it.
The Grand Irrationality has given us all a long strange trip, and it will continue for a few more years. Right now Uranus square Pluto is adding to the edge of electric transformation, and disrupting more than a few lives in unexpected ways. The disruption and hard edge of choice and change may be a joyous thing when it liberates us from old chains, but for many it’s unsettling to have to navigate a weird and irrational field all the time.
I believe the task is to find a deeper understanding of how reframe the view of what’s experienced so we can better deal with the irrationalities of life without losing our equilibrium while maintaining as much productivity as we can. While things often won’t “make sense” they don’t have to. It’s us who have to find our way of integrated expression so that we are moving with the energies being who we’re there to be.
This constant strangeness, pressure, and edginess have led countless people to re-evaluate which relationships and old life trajectories are really working. Some of it stemmed from irrational or compulsive behavior on the part of others during years past, while in other cases it became clear we needed a new life direction and experience. The global challenge for all of us has been (and still is!) to learn how to function effectively within the great weirdness without losing our balance and perspective.
Here’s a little backstory on the astrological drivers behind The Grand Irrationality that I offered a while back. There’s more at the link above, but for now, The Grand Irrationality is a septile-driven configuration that gets triggered frequently by the transits, throwing individuals and nations into "forks in the road of destiny." At these turning points in the lives of nations and people, our choices very much matter, since by the decisions we make we create our future "destiny."
Obviously, this constant sense of needing to make critical choices, or being confronted by irrational or compulsive people, can create stress. This is why our spiritual tools are all-important in keeping us on track with our Higher Self.
If you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed by the constant pressure in one or more areas of your life, a good on-going meditation is needed so you can learn to live within the quickened situation. In fact, these are the times to rely on our meditations, Tai Chi, Ji Gong, breathing exercises, prayers, or whatever practice we have that keeps us on our equilibrium.
This is a long-term pressure in the collective atmosphere that is keeping everyone dancing on the razor's edge of recurring important life decisions. Many times this will not feel comfortable, since the usual perceptual frames of reference are not adequate to the on-going strange choices and changes precipitated by irrationality.
The configuration is triggered at least 21 times a year by the inner planets, and 7 times a month by the Moon. That has culminated in tremendous perpetual pressure of choices that never seem to end. There's a lot that won't make sense for a long time because humanity and the Earth are in dynamic transformation on every conceivable level.
That's part of the pressure, since our global mind-based culture supposedly values rationality above individual experience (except in the case of local religious belief systems and group superstitions), and yet irrationality prevails, and has for a while now. The rational constructs of our reality are being challenged by some very screwed up illogic.
It is as though humanity has lost its collective bearings, and has been embracing some very extreme and non-rational views. If we examine what life was like 40 years ago and see the trajectory to the present time, it is easy to see how some of our Brothers and Sisters, individually and collectively, have lost their perspective and are living way out of balance......go to link for rest of it. 

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