Saturday, January 19, 2013

Obama Inaugeration

Chris Brennan at Political Astrology  has put up a VERY interesting article on the chart for the Obama inauguration.   I should say 'charts' because of a weird bump in this year's calendar.   Because the 20th falls on a Sunday there will be a private swearing in on Sunday and then a public swearing in on Monday the 21st.   Chris has written a very thoughtful analysis on each chart.   I will tell you the chart on the 21st is a much smoother chart than the one on Sunday.   Unfortunately, my own take is that Sunday is probably the real chart.   But I am willing to be proven wrong...believe me, yes!    Anyway, here are a few paragraphs from Chris' full report.  I encourage you to read the whole piece.   Go to link for full article.

from Political Astrologer

Ominous Indications in the January 20 Chart

One of the things that we noted back in September when we recorded a podcast episode on the presidential election was that, regardless of who won the election, the alignment of the planets at the time of the official inauguration on January 20, 2013 looked kind of ominous. We made this observation for two reasons:
  1. First, due to the prominence of the planet Mars in the 10th whole sign house in a day chart. Mars was traditionally viewed by ancient astrologers as the planet of war, strife, and bloodshed, especially in day charts. The presence of Mars in an angular house in the inauguration chart raises the potential that some of the themes associated with Mars will become more prominent during this presidential term.
  2. Second, because not only is Mars prominent in the 10th house in the chart, but the Moon, which is in the 1st house at 19° Taurus, is applying to a square with Mars at 20° Aquarius within a degree of orb, which is a specific condition of affliction. This emphasizes the role of Mars in the chart even more, and makes it so that whatever negative event is signified by Mars is likely to emerge at some point in the not-too-distant future, under the conventional premise that applying aspects indicate developments in the future while separating aspects indicate the past.
Basically, we’ve got a problem here, because there is a distinctly negative alignment that is very prominent in the inauguration chart.

Past Instances of a Prominent Mars in Inauguration Charts

In order to get a sense for how frequent such alignments are, and what it has coincided with in the past, I went back and checked every inauguration chart since the 1930s. This was pretty easy since the inauguration has always taken place at noon on January 20 in Washington, DC since 1937.
Here is a list of all past instances in which Mars has been more prominent by being in an angular whole sign house in the inauguration chart. Keep in mind that the resulting indications associated with Mars would then apply to the following four years of each presidency:
  • 2001 – George W. Bush’s 1st term
  • 1989 – George H. W. Bush
  • 1981 – Ronald Reagan’s 1st term
  • 1969 – Richard Nixon’s 1st term
  • 1949 – Harry S. Truman’s 2nd term
  • 1937 – Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 2nd term
One of the most notable themes, of course, is that several of these presidential terms coincided with major wars – Bush Jr. (Afghanistan, Iraq), Bush Sr. (Gulf War), and Truman (Korean War) especially, although even Nixon oversaw the escalation of the Vietnam War, while Roosevelt’s second term saw the beginning of WWII in Europe and his push for rearmament, which eventually culminated in the US officially entering the war in 1941.

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