Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Moon: Capricorn pragmatism and no excuses

I have just put up the Capricorn New Moon

You can read the whole thing at Margaret Wendt website but here is a snippet.  I hope you will use the next 28 days in the most productive and useful manner.  It is a gift.  Please don't fritter away.

Capricorn is the final earth sign in the zodiac.  During Capricorn, in the northern hemisphere the earth is frozen and in the southern hemisphere the earth is parched dry.    In either case the earth needs hard work to be productive.    Thus this is a 28- day cycle where we relish work, focus and drive.


The tone of this period is of course determined by the chart of the new moon and in this case, the Sun and Moon at 22 degrees Cap have got Mercury right next to them forming a conjunction.   Also in Capricorn (at earlier degrees) is Venus and Pluto—At four planets in Cap this new moon, do you think the Universe wants us to get our pragmatism on?


During Sagittarius cycle we percolated goals and desires and now during Capricorn we put flesh and bones on them.   Yes, Capricorn rules bones.  It is not good enough for us to just talk about stuff or dream about stuff we now feel responsible to take care of our goals.


Years ago I visited Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley and was humored when the docent pointed to a photo of one of Elvis’s planes that had “TCB” written on the tail.   She explained ‘TCB’ stood for Elvis’s catch phrase,  “Taking Care of Business.”   I chuckled since I was probably the only person in the group who knew Elvis was a Capricorn.   For 28 days TCB is the catch phrase for all of us.


The Capricorn energy is hard working.  It can be somber, sober, serious, how about those three  s’s?   It is not a lightweight energy.  It is here on this planet to be productive.  It is also a natural leader.   Capricorn is sensible and given he is a goat and lives high up on the mountain, he is all about putting everything into a big picture.   Where others are happy building widget X, Capricorn will build widget X only if he is certain that everyone around him wants widget X.  He has to see a point to it.   Then once he gets X going, he will promote it, organize the best way to get it to everyone and of course make plenty of cold hard cash.  Not surprising Capricorn is connected to big business and government.  


There is a lot of energy on all of us this cycle to be self-reliant and find our mettle.  What do we do when we hit a speed bump?  Do we give up on our dreams?  How disciplined are we when we are pursuing our long-range goals?    This is the lunar phase where we find our inner CEO and put him/her in charge of our life.   There are parts of all of our lives that can only be described as lame.   And that is fine, nothing to be ashamed about since we all have them.  But if that lame area is keeping you back from your long-range desires then use your inner CEO to fire your lameness.


Capricorn energy is practical.  Arguably one of the most practical signs.    It resonates with common sense.   For the next 28 days where is your common sense?   And can you use common sense to address any issue that comes up?  My husband and I recently saw a couple we know and the husband who is a Capricorn had taken six month to lose thirty five pounds.   I asked him how he did it and he said, “I go to the gym, do one hour on a treadmill, eat a fiber bar for lunch and a sensible dinner.  The end. “   That was it.   A very non complicated approach with big results.   A perfectly Capricorn solution.   Not high falutin’ just simple and matter of fact.  We would all be wise to approach things in our life with a no nonsense approach. 


A Nod From The Nodes


Adding to this lunar phase is an uplifting aspect between the Sun & Moon and the nodes.  They too are sending a message that asks, “What invigorates me?”  “What makes me feel alive and real?”  “How can I be very practical and empower myself?  And probably more to the point, “Why am I even on this planet and how can I live a life that has real meaning every day?”   ...... go to link for rest of article.  Happy New Moon.  Tracy


  1. Terrific, Tracy....I too will be trying to find my Inner CEO --- in there, somewhere! Hugs, CarolT

  2. My Capricorn Mercury yells at me every day. asshat that he is...

  3. "By Accepting Defeat Gracefully, A General Reveals Nobility Of Character
    12/28- I lost the battle to keep my pancreas working for me, precipitating 5 days in hospital. I never really took care of myself, until now.
    Thanks for all you do, Tracy.

  4. ah, i'm sorry about the pancreas but wishing a speedy recovery and a good 2013!


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