Sunday, January 27, 2013

Jupiter turns direct January 30 6:37am EST

Jupiter jumps

On January 30 at 6:37am-- Jupiter who has been retrograde since October will station direct.  When the retrograde began, Jupiter was at 17 degrees Gemini and now here it turns direct at 7 degree.   Practically back at the beginning.  We have had a lot of hot air since Jupiter went into Gemini last summer and we should expect more hot air when it turns direct.  But it is possible we have learned a little during the retrograde period. 

 Jupiter is the biggest planet and doesn’t do things small.  Jupiter rules laws and Gemini connects dots.   Jupiter also rules teachers and schools and may be part of the reason why Sandy Hook has left a deep mark on the psyche of the world.  Now there is a battle brewing over guns in the USA.   The discourse will be great during Jupiter’s continued movement in Gemini.

Once it turns direct it will begin his final journey through Gemini and then in June he moves into Cancer for an ENTIRELY different experience.  By the way, that’s when the real battle begins.    But in the meantime we owe it to ourselves to make the most out of Jupiter in Gemini.  How are we expanding our connections?  How are we reaching out and meeting new people or putting ourselves in new situations?   How are we expanding our discussions?  How are we expanding our intellect?   Globally, newspapers both print and cyber will be tuned up during Jupiter’s transition.  Gossip is still a high priority for many media outlets and it is hard to imagine that spigot shutting down but next month on the Aquarius New Moon there will be a square between Mars (in Pisces) and Jupiter, which could focus on the destructive side of gossip, religion, zealots and nuts in general.
But back to the rest of us, let’s use Jupiter to our advantage.  Perhaps we reach out to people we never normally reach out to and share some stuff that is going on with us.   We may be surprised what insights we get back that we never considered. That, my friends is the gift of Jupiter.   Go expand your world and get those gifts.   

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