Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Henry Ford

This week on American Experience, the subject was Henry Ford.   I was riveted by it.  A big idea guy, a producer who never wanted to be a part of the social elite.   He cared about the fellows who could talk machines and he didn't hang out with the elite millionaires.   His good friend was Thomas Edison which was interesting since he was barely educated (8th grade).  He also believed his own press and thought that those who worked for or with him and thought that they should worship at his shrine that he created--they are either worshippers or traitors.  He also knew how to manipulate the press.   And he took much pleasure in making it clear that he was running the show---he was also a major antisemite and god know who else he said awful things about.  Can you see his Sun in Leo oppose his Moon in Aquarius?       Yeah, me too.   Give it a watch.


  1. Yeah, I saw that. That fixed T with Pluto in Taurus. Very controlling guy. CarolT

  2. I also loved it! Thanks so much for posting this. Interesting to see this really big Grand Cross--incredible motivation. And that his fifth house of children is ruled by Saturn--his stern relationship with son Edsel, that was heart-breaking. Strange, too, that his NN is in the 4th, while his 10th has the SN.

    Finally, notice that at least for the traditional planets, he doesn't really have any water planets, other than Venus in Sco--really prickly placement. Though he does have Chiron in Pisces, which many 60s-born people have, and speaks to his having lost his faith along the way somehow. According to the doc, Ford didn't really gain it back.

    Thanks for this!