Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Venus Pluto Conjunction Capricorn is everywhere!

Once a year Venus and Pluto go into conjunction and tomorrow is that annual event.  It is exact,  January 16 at 8:29pm EST.

And we can look no further than this week's news to see the conjunction in action.

Lance Armstrong whose legendary 'win at any cost' attitude towards cycling finally came to a head this week.   He was interviewed by Oprah (there's some Pluto for you) and finally admitted to doping as early 1990's.   Doping before his bout of Cancer by the way.    Wall Street Journal reported that Lance had it out last month  with the head of the American Anti Doping Agency where he said, "You don't hold the keys to my redemption, I hold the keys to my redemption."   Some sources say the root of the confession is money and desire to compete in triathalons.  His love of athletics versus redemption.   Hello, Venus meet Pluto.

Yesterday on the one month anniversary of Newtown shootings,  members of the community including parents whose children were killed, came forward and announced the formation of their group, Sandy Hook Promise.  If you watched them speak you certainly could feel the Venus and Pluto.  Hard to not cry for sure.  But they were very measured, very focused, committed to the future and rebirthing the hideous incident towards something good.  None of them want anyone else go through something like that again.    They have said they will not weigh in on guns...at this time.   Capricorn conserves its energy and its power and Pluto holds its power until the right time to strike.   As we know, right now Pluto and Saturn are mutually receptive (Saturn is in Pluto's home sign Scorpio; Pluto is in Saturn's home sign Capricorn) which double downs in that conserving nature or keeping one's powder dry.  Probably the wrong metaphor to use in this circumstance.  Sorry.
Here is the Sandy Hook Promise:
I Promise to honor the 26 lives lost at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  
I Promise to do everything I can to encourage and support common sense solutions that make my community and our country safer from similar acts of violence.  

And of course Joe Biden is giving his recommendations to the White House for reforming gun regulations and background checks (Pluto) loopholes.   There is a lot of discussion for common sense.   Which is of course Capricorn's very catch phrase.    And of course the debt conversation continues but a few days ago the President ruled out that giant coin thingy.   Sometimes the renegade energy of Uranus in Aries makes our heads hurt.  

As I was mulling all the action this week, it seemed this was a more pronounced Venus/Pluto conjunction than I could remember in a long time.  It may be due to the New Moon taking place so close to the building period of the conjunction.   It may be due to the Uranus Square in Aries.  Whatever it is, it is not subtle.  

My husband was listening to Phillip Glass this week and it struck me as the perfect soundscape to this week's Venus/Pluto.  This particular piece is from the soundtrack to Fog of War.  Yes, Neptune is the real planet of fog, but Venus is lower octave of Neptune and Pluto of course is one of the war planets and well, there is so much Capricorn in the notes...I think you can feel the aspect when you listen to the piece.

Remember to look at your chart and take note of 8-10 Capricorn.   That is where this tension is riding out in your chart.

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  1. Right now, second house Capricorn with transiting Pluto. Natally, I'm an 8 degree Venus in Sag first house and 23 degree Jupiter in the second. I think the rubber is going to hit the road in many respects. I don't kinow if I should be scared or opt5imistic, but I do feel something is coming.